ICSA maintains several Google groups for specific purposes, including announcements of local meetings, conferences, and other events. 

Listed below are ICSA groups for which you may sign up.  Sign up for as many groups as interest you.
  • News Desk (members only)  weekly e-mailing of an article that the ICSA News Desk deems to be particularly important or interesting.

ICSA News Desk

    • Local meeting (nonmembers & members) - sends group members announcements of monthly meetings and ICSA special events (e.g., talk, workshop)
     ICSA conducts local meetings and special events in selected metropolitan areas. 
     Sign up for the area(s) that interest you. We will add more metropolitan areas over time. 
    Philadelphia  area

        Philly meeting

      New York area

        NYC meeting

      Los Angeles area

      LA meeting

        DC area

        DC future meeting

        London area

        London future meeting

        FL area

        FL future meeting

        Boston area

        Boston future meeting

         mailing list

        Italy mailing list